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Raw product is sourced locally from farms across the wider Canterbury area.

lan and Marg personally view the products and ensure each product is top quality before it is brought back to the yard here in Christchurch.

A traditional, and proven method of chaff cutting is used to ensure that the product is cut short for palatability for the animals.

Since October 2018 Lucerne, Meadow and Timothy chaff is blended with Rapeseed oil. Rapeseed oil has been proven to be a BALANCED - omega-6 to omega-3 (2:1) ratio. This balance assists anti- inflammatory responses for the animal consuming the product. The higher omega-3 of 11% for rapeseed oil assists in balancing fatty acids in high grain diets. read more

Oil can be deleted in products made to order - by just advising NO OIL at the time of ordering.

Our product range
Lucerne Chaff available in 20kg or 25kg bags

  • 16-20% protein value
  • Ideal for providing daily energy requirements for hard working animals
  • Higher in energy than Oaten chaff

  • Blended with or without  oil
Meadow Chaff available in 20kg bags

  • 4-12% protein value
  • Low Endophyte grasses
  • Suitable for animals that don’t tolerate lucerne or rye grasses

  • Blended with or without oil

Oaten Chaff available in 32kg bags
  • 4-12% protein value
  • Higher indigestible fiber

  • Does not contain oil.

  • Promotes chewing to stimulate the digestive system, making for better use of the other added products.

Straw (Oaten) Chaff available in 18kg bags

  • Low calories
  • Bulk out main feed

  • 3 - 5% protein value

  • Does not contain oil.

Timothy available in 20kg bags

  • 3-11% protein value

  • Nil Endophytes

  • Low protein and sugar
  • Blended with or without oil

If there is a particular mix of chaff you would like, please enquire.

Each animal will have its own dietary needs for its own particular circumstance so seeking advice from experienced personnel is recommended.

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