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Oil Details


PURE GOLD is a cold pressed, extra virgin rapeseed oil for animal nutrition. It is used as an ingredient oil for textured feeds and as a supplementary oil for “cool” energy and body mass development.


BALANCED - omega-6 to omega-3 (2:1) ratio. This balance assists anti- inflammatory responses for the animal consuming the product. The higher omega-3 of 11% for rapeseed oil assists in balancing fatty acids in high grain diets.

COLD PRESSED - oil retains its vitamins and minerals which are essential for coat shine and maintenance of healthy cell membranes.

HIGHER omega-3 (alpha linolenic acid) levels will help to improve respiratory system health, calm excitable or flighty stock, increase the oxygen saturation levels during exertion.

DENSE source of energy, providing more than two times the energy on digestion than carbohydrates and protein.

FRESHNESS – oil is delivery to customer within 30 days of crushing, meaning the oil is at its highest quality when consumed by the animal.


COLD PRESSING - process has no added heat nor chemical applied during the extraction process (up to 17 chemicals and heat are used when oil is solvent extracted).

QUALITY ASSURANCE – in-house and external testing underpins our quality control system at the crush plant.

WORLD CLASS – seed handling, storage and crushing equipment which is a major driver in preserving oil qualities.

CLOSED LOOP – Pure Oil NZ crushing process means the oil has no chance of being contaminated with foreign materials.

TRACEABILITY- Pure Oil NZ controls the growing of the crop through to processing and can trace oil back to the area where seed was grown.

GM STATUS – Our crops and oil are GE free

To read more information on the Benefits of feeding oil to horses (by Dr David Marlin, Pure Feed Nutritional Consultant) click here (PDF)
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