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Welcome to First Class Chaff

Your first choice for Lucerne Chaff, Meadow Chaff, Oaten Chaff, Straw Chaff and Timothy Chaff

 Top Quality Chaff
    • Low Dust content
    • Excellent Colour
    • High Leaf content
    • Locally sourced within the Canterbury Plains area

What is Chaff?
Chaff or chopped straw is commonly fed to horses and ponies to bulk out their concentrate feed and to prevent them eating too quickly. Chaff is dried forage that has been cut into small pieces, in contrast to the long grass stems in hay and haylage. Traditionally a sugar blend of molasses was added to increase palatability; we use ‘Pure Gold” as our choice additive which is produced using a cold press system of rapeseed. Read more on this additive and process.
Our products are available at selected stores and quality feed suppliers throughout the South Island, and when ordered can be made available with or without the Pure Gold oil added – just make sure you mention it to your supplier.
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